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Translation productivity software

Trados Studio offers freelance translators an extensive platform in which they can edit, review, and manage their translation projects. It offers multiple core technologies built to help improve the quality, efficiency, and scalability of translations.

With the essential cloud capabilities included with Studio, you can move between desktop and cloud working as it suits you. You have the option to work from anywhere, on any device, and at any time.



Studio 2022 Freelance has everything a translator needs to translate, review, use terminology and machine translation in one easy to use CAT tool.

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Trados Studio 2022 Freelance Plus has all the features of Studio 2022 Freelance, plus an extra activation license for translators who work on two PCs.

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All the features of Studio Freelance available via an annual subscription option. This will be valid for 365 days from the date of purchase.



The Trados Studio desktop tool seamlessly integrates with its cloud capabilities, meaning you can easily switch between working on your desktop and working online via the cloud. 

Together they allow freelance translators to improve flexibility whilst connecting securely to cloud-based projects, files, and translation resources. And if you decide to switch devices, all your work is securely backed up and instantly available at the click of a button.



We offer more than just software...

We are here to support you! Whether that's learning how to use the number one CAT tool, or joining a community of 270,000 translators.


"I think the simplest reason to choose Studio is that it's a solid business decision. As a freelancer, if you want to play in the Big Leagues, you need Big League tools."

Nora Diaz

EN-ES Freelance Translator

"The resources that are provided with new Studio versions are always extremely helpful, including various apps that increase productivity and webinars where new features are introduced and explained."

Patrizia Pasquazi

DE-EN, EN-DE Freelance Translator

"You cannot find all of the features that Trados Studio has in any other CAT tool. With the developer program, Trados Studio is the only CAT tool I know that you can fully customize."

Jesse Good

JA-EN Freelance Translator

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